Imagine a world where the only way people are different from one another is their personalities
Picture it!
You walk into a bar. Your not worried about how people are judging you, or if you look like the model from the fashion magazines, your only concern is having fun and meeting new people. You don’t feel out of place or different because you’re equal to everyone. It’s perfectly natural for you to feel this way since you and everyone else in the bar aren’t wearing any clothes. That may seem odd to picture, but that’s really what naturism is. It’s regular, everyday life, but the only difference is nobody’s wearing clothes.
A True Vacation
A week in a naturist environment is equal to taking a 6 month vacation at a typical resort where everyone wears clothes. The reason why is because when the clothes come off all of your daily stresses come off with them. Its your time to acually relax. Naturists tend to have less blood pressure problems as a result of truely relaxing. If you have any other reason to not try naturism or if you want to give it a try then just go to the links section to learn more about the lifestyle and to find events and resorts.